Hi there!

I’m the kind of person who likes to have it all figured out - knows the next steps, prepares, builds a framework. But life, as we know, does not work this way so while I found myself at 8 thinking I would be a marine biologist, I ended up going to interior design school and becoming a design and experience strategist instead.

It was a happy and natural evolution.

With a background in interior design, I bring a three-dimensional mindset to my work as a design and experience strategist. I’m able to think beyond the collected information and translate findings into actionable components of a strategy. In tension between being analytical when things are serious and a dreamer when inspiration strikes, I see the bigger picture and fluidly plan for the future.

A characteristic that naturally lead me to being a strategist, is eternal curiousness. I revel in the act of discovery, of the future, of the new. Always searching for inspiration, I’ve followed my passions of talking with strangers, travel, and wine to expand my headspace and challenge my creativity.


I like new things + you have an interesting challenge = let’s get to know one another.



Side Stories

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"Dreams" - I took this photo the winter of 2015 after having a dream about a red umbrella in the snow.