While at MKG, I was exposed to the exciting world of events and experiential design. On the different projects I typically worked with one other designer, one or two producers, and a brand strategist from the creative department. The two biggest brands I worked with were Miller Lite and Old Navy. The Miller Lite project was the design and execution of the tent they are having at four major music festivals this summer. The project for Old Navy was to design the showroom for a preview of their summer 2017 collection.



MEDIUMS USED:  Sketchup, Sketchup Layout, Podium, Photoshop, Illustrator

PROJECT TYPE:  Team - this was the biggest project in the office so we had two lead designers, two producers, and a team of strategists for the social media and brand experiences components

MY ROLE:  I developed the design and layout of the custom light fixtures over the tables and the Bar 75 sign. I also worked heavily on the model in Sketchup and did a lot of rendering. The initiative for smaller festivals was a square shipping container box that opens up into a mini Bar 75. I was in charge of translating the design from the big tent into this smaller form. 



MEDIUMS USED:  Sketchup, Sketchup Layout, Podium, Photoshop

PROJECT TYPE:  Team - with one other designer and one producer

MY ROLE:  I curated the mood board, built the vignettes in Sketchup, rendered, drew the build mechanicals for the fabricators, and sourced items for the installation.

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MKG is a creative agency that specializes in brand experiences. Working at an agency was a great experience because it was organized differently from other firms. I enjoyed the excitement of event culture and the fast pace of the projects, which were anywhere from a month to a few months long. I also like the idea of creating memorable experiences that have the potential to inspire people.