Look to Nature

As a curious person I enjoy coming up with ideas for little studies on random things I admire. I like analyzing and reflecting on the inspiring things I see and sometimes a pattern appears that is so prevalent I have no choice but to carry out the experiment. This happened recently with my fascination surrounding nature and color.

I am obsessed with color. From all of my experiences outdoors so far, I believe that nature is the ultimate color master. In fact the most in-depth color theory practice I had was painting landscapes. You have to scrutinize what the color is that you are seeing and figure out what colors make it up in order to mix your paint into the proper shade. It was extremely difficult until I stopped expecting what color to see and saw what was really there. By studying landscapes, nature, I learned how to analyze color and decipher the mixture of basic colors that were creating the shades I saw in nature.

Throughout my excursions to the Alps and a few other trips to beautiful places of nature, I’ve been constantly amazed at how the colors in the landscapes were all so perfectly coordinated. Even when the weather wasn’t sunny, the land was still colored beautifully. To me, it is clear that nature is the ultimate color master: a pro at tone, a sage in saturation, a guru of hue, if you will (let myself get carried away with that one).

I couldn’t deny this pattern I was seeing because it was everywhere. So to test and prove it, I took my photographs (important caveat, cameras cannot capture everything perfectly) from traveling and pulled color palettes from them. I’ve found that in doing so I see palettes that are typical in all areas of art and design. I suppose as human beings we can’t help but be inspired by nature.


Bernese Alps, Switzerland

Bernese Alps - earthy

Mt. Rigi, Switzerland

Mt. Rigi, Luzern, Switzerland - so fresh

Colmar, France

Zermatt, Switzerland


Sardinia, Italy


The Matterhorn, Switzerland

Täsch, Switzerland


Bellinzona, Switzerland