For this competition I designed a mountain house prototype for Summit's new conference location on Powder Mountain in Utah. The design was required to take in to consideration how it will engage with other dwellings, retain views of the mountainous landscape, and have upmost respect to the site and wildlife. I also used this project as a way to explore creating intimate spaces for gatherings of people.

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MEDIUMS USED:  Sketchup, Podium, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Sketching,

PROJECT TYPE / MY ROLE:  Residential / Individual

PERSONAL INSIGHT:  Summit brings together some of the most influential thinkers, artists, and entrepreneurs in the world for the sharing of ideas and collaboration. The building must serve a variety of functions because many different people will be staying there. Maintaining views of the grand mountain landscape is greatly important in order to maintain a relationship with the landscape. Therefore the dwelling must feel like a part of the land which is why I began exploring how to design and build around trees and plant life.


CONCEPT - Campfire

Similar to how the hearth brings people to gather around it while also providing comfort, I wanted the home to have places to entertain and relax. The organic rawness of a campfire, a stack of wood logs burning softly, and the mountain landscape surrounding the site were also inspiration for the design of the home.


Summit required that the design of this Mountain Architecture Prototype (M.A.P.) include spaces for the kind of activities they want to implement in the community. I also thought about what design aesthetic and materials would make this space functional and tranquil facilitated by a strong sense of connection to the beautiful landscape.


This site has grand views down the mountain and is exposed to high winds. The buildings are rounded to let the wind whip around the surfaces and the compartmentalized plan allows the house to step down the steep slope of the site. The close proximity of the other sites dictated where windows were located so that inhabitants could have privacy and not views into each other's residences or other areas of their house.

The site sits at the top of a hill overlooking the Powder Mountain valley

The site sits at the top of a hill overlooking the Powder Mountain valley

Wind analysis

Wind analysis


The plan was broken into parts to accommodate for the required functions and the steep slope of the site. This allowed for the difference spaces to branch off of one another and allow nature to fill in between. As a result, one feels like they are living amongst the trees.


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