This passion started when I took a Trend Forecasting and analysis class in the spring of 2016. I love the acts of discovery and sharing inspiring ideas. With these reports my goal is to uncover emerging societal though-shifts and use this knowledge to influence my design work.



Through extensive research, I discovered this trend in the first half of the Trend Forecasting class I took in 2016. I developed this individually and viewed it as a sub-trend for something larger which eventually became a part of the macro-trend, Atavistic (seen below).



From Lissom, I developed this macro-trend forecast with two other students whose individual trends seemed to be projecting similar ideas to mine. As we worked on this, Lissom evolved into the Liquescent sub-trend. With with the other two sub-trends the whole package laddered up to the overarching trend: Atavistic. To relate this trend to design, we analyzed Procter & Gamble's beauty brand, Olay, and suggested how they can tap into this trend and develop a strategy for staying relevant to consumers.

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I did this forecast individually for the research phase of a design project about wellness for Kroger, one of the largest grocery chains in America. My goal was to understand how consumers are thinking about wellness and to analyze how Kroger can react to the needs of their customers.
To view the project that resulted from this research click HERE


I felt like my eyes were opened to a whole new way of thinking about design when I took a Trend Forecasting class in university. I like the process of research and analysis and uncovering what thought-shifts are happening in our world. I strive to use the information I gather as a guide to make my design work more personable and conscious of social change.